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logo design for a cosmetics company

logo design is a way for your business to create a symbol your company will be associated with. a logo communicates your business identity in a simple way to help your branding and marketing. ideally, your logo should reflect your core values so that it can help support your marketing communication in an efficient way.
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big corporations spend a lot of money to have a professional logo crafted in a way to spell out what they stand for. a small business has a limited budget for logo design but may also have a vision as far reaching as that of a big company. your advantage is that you’re dealing with a freelance designer who understands your needs as well as your constraints. your vision as a client, your budget as well as your target audience are important factors to create a logo that is appealing, recognizable, memorizable and, above all, printable on any medium that you choose.

when a client comes to me, I ask them to draw a mental picture of how they want their logo designed. some have a precise idea of what they want though they cannot picture it. some are vague. some not only don’t know what they want but have very lofty idea of what a logo should be. every client is unique and has to be treated as such. some don’t think a logo is that important and don’t want to spend too much money on it, thus are more willing to compromise. Others have such exacting needs that the logo has to be precise representation of what they see in their mind’s eye.