I come from a background of graphic design so I understand the essence and purpose of design. web design solely serves the purpose of supporting your online marketing effort. so, when I design a website, I help client identify their prospects so that products and services are aligned with the needs and desires of the prospects.

the samples on this design portfolio adhere to principles that for a website to succeed, it has to be findable, likable, trustable and has a clear call to action. there’s no point in users visiting your site if they cannot have a clear idea of what they’re supposed to do. so a successful website must have a layout that makes sense, ease of navigation and great content to help turn visitors into customers.

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web design is not only about making a web site that looks good but it’s about designing web pages that make visitors click your way to business success.

in the example of green cleaning va, the theme was ‘green’, ‘clean’, ‘natural’, ‘healthy’, so I focused on colors that were suggestive of those notions. I invited client to check some online stock photo websites and made a preselection. client made the final decision and the end result was a layout that was, clear, uncluttered, appealing but more importantly it says ‘green’.

for the xfda website the approach was different. this is a company that deals with medical issues but they’re a corporation. in line with their target audience expectation, the colors, predominantly blue, evoke health, but blue is also corporate and is muted enough not to distract from the main focus of the website. the header is a photoshop montage that tells the story of the company in a unique way.

links to a few live websites.
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