things to consider before having a website – part 1

What have I done!?

I just finished designing a website which is the exact copy of the old one. the only benefit to the client is that the content was migrated from a standard html site to a content management systems website using wordpress platform. the client is very pleased greatly due to the fact that he had a website that he so much fell in love that he wouldn’t let go. so having technology that allows him to keep the site that he loves while gaining even more full control of it with the ability to make updates in the back end is like having the best of both worlds.

what is interesting in this situation is that you have someone with a notion of what a perfect website is and is keen on having a designer reproduce that perfection as closely as possible. which causes me to ask ‘what is the purpose of a website and who’s most qualified in defining the perfection of it?’ as a designer, I was trained to think that ‘form follows function’. if we define ‘form’ as the content of the website and its and its visual presentation, it would follow that that form follows the function that has been assigned to the website. let us ponder for a minute the function of website.

though most web entrepreneurs do not think critically, you create a website because you have something to sell and it offers you an affordable option doing so. so granted the function of a website is to sell, let’s say broadly speaking marketing, it should be shaped according to the marketing objectives that we set for our business. marketing involves a few factors. the prospects, the competition, the marketplace.

  • the prospects are the users who visit your site looking for your products and/or services.
  • the competition is composed of every business that targets the same prospects as you do.
  • the marketplace is the environment in which you have buyers and sellers competing on the same products and services.