things to consider before having a website – part 2

African American Man Using Laptop At Home

‘the marketer reads the minds of their prospects and aligns their products and services to meet their needs and desires’ – jim morris

what makes internet commerce – ecommerce – unique is that it’s a technology platform in which relationships, communications and transactions are facilitated through technology tools. you don’t walk into a store ask questions, demo products, pay cash, bag it and carry home. Rather every step from search to checkout is done through technological means: search engine, social media recommendations, product reviews. you visit a website, fill in forms, send email inquiries, use chat. sometimes you use the phone but it’s still technology.

once a product meets your needs, you will go through the checkout process using a payment gateway and credit card verification system. in the case of the purchase of physical goods, the only aspect that takes part in the real world is the actual ups or fedex delivery. in light of that, a website should meet certain technology as well as usability standards. since the user is the one who will ultimately make the decision to complete the transaction, it makes sense to design the website that meets users expectations and encourages them to complete the call to action. users’ expectations are shaped by society, technology, economic factors, psychology and personal preferences.

a web designer who is focused on creating websites designed for success, should strive to take all of the above considerations when planning a website. in over 15 years of being involved with web design, I cannot recount a single instance of dealing with a client who said ‘this looks nice but what are my prospects gonna think?. or ‘can we test it to see what their reaction is?’ yet unless you’re burying your head in the sand, it’s hard to fail to recognize that, since your website visitors are the ones who’re gonna turn your business into success or failure, their needs and desires should be of great concern to whomever sets up shop online. in the next article we’re gonna see how we can design a website to meet the desires of our visitors.