if you’re looking for wordpress web developer to build a website that you can maintain and update without any technical savvy, autoreverse may be for you. wordpress empowers you to take full control of your website content. it has many functionalities that make it a full fledged content management system (cms). unlike a standard website, cms separates content from display, allowing you to update content without affecting how the website looks and functions. with the right configuration, a website designed with wordpress allows you to add, pictures, videos and sound files to the pages that you create with full editing capabilities. to help you get started, I can either create a theme from scratch or take an existing theme that is close to what you’re looking for, and customize it to suit your vision. below are a few projects that I’ve worked on recently.
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for diamond achievement client wanted a clean look that reflects the nature of his services. he chose ‘point business’ theme from a preselection I made. the theme came in black and blue but he wanted red instead. he already had a logo. all he needed was add the header picture to seamlessly integrate with the website. the background was removed in photoshop and it looked like the picture was part of the original design.

the heather victoria project is one that I inherited from client. It was a whole mess with the theme not working and a lot of features that she wanted being way too hard for her to implement. I offered her practical solution to have a minimal website with custom slideshow, blog integration, client login and social media without breaking the bank.

greentec usa has an original website but it was designed in standard html. the flexibility that they wanted on the website was too hard to implement. I suggested they use content management systems (cms) like wordpress to free them from having to worry about html code in order to update their website content. wordpress is flexible, easy to use and maintain. Best of all it doesn’t cost a lot.

sharpfocus photography is a typical project that shows that you can have a simple yet elegant website which is flexible and extensible. it has a blog, a slideshow, youtube integration, paypal payment system and has room for more. it is based on responsive design, which means that you have a website that looks good on computer monitors as well as mobile devices.

the unique bus tours website is a basic wordpress website. It’s started from a purchased theme that has been customized to client’s vision. change of background, colors, font. a picture purchased from stock photo website was used for the header without too much editing. aside from that, it is fully integrated to client’s online booking system.

the bird dog report website is a seemingly simple project. the original developer ‘disappeared’. client had a laundry list of features that he wanted added: change header, have archives listed by date and by category, have images left aligned instead of right, integrate with mailchimp email newsletter, leave room for ads, have a ‘refer a friend’ button…

ba cleaning service website is a typical website that I designed sometime ago using standard html. to make it easy for web owner to maintain and update, I suggested she migrates the website to wordpress. it was simply an issue of finding a theme that is close in layout and colors to the original website.

the layout is based on the crafty cart theme which already had a lot of similarities with the original layout – see pictured left. the only job was to replace and readjust the header and menu and a few other details. the only other requirement was a pulldown menu, which was added later with a plugin.

technorepair website is not very different. it was done in html but owner wanted to have an ecommerce part. though it would have been easy to just add a few articles for sale using paypal, for flexibility, using wordpress content management system, frees the web owner from having to worry about technical issues or depend one someone to solve those issues.

all I needed was a theme that is similar in layout and color scheme if possible, so color can easily be altered in css. after narrowing the preselection, client chose the online marketer theme, which had a color scheme very close to the original website. there were so many elements in the theme layout that were redundant. they were removed. we also added french translation since client has a lot of french speaking customers.

michael nunez hair salon was a complete redesign project. client wanted something different from the website he had. since wordpress has all the rage these days, it wasn’t surprising that it was the first option. we went over a few websites and client selected one whose layout he liked very much. so that’s what we were gonna use as a reference. the theme was white with black and gray accents.

the apricot theme was well suited to the minimalist vision for the website. half way through the project client asks ‘can we have it in black instead?’ so I set out to reversing the color scheme. we added a jquery slide on the front page and a slide show for the before and after. at the end of the project, client wanted to have a booking system plugged into his website as well as his facebook fan page.

zohery tours website is different in a sense that client wanted a website that was as similar as possible to the current one. so not only was layout important but color too. the site also had quite a few widgets that needed to be found and configured. except for the calendar and weather widgets, everything else was a text widget and html code in it for the youtube video embed and the scrolling texts.

so I needed a theme with left sidebar and a header where I could fit the header image. I chose beach theme, because I thought that it was very close. since that theme was designed for wide monitors, a few adjustments needed to be made to have everything centered. also, all of the background images were removed.